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Frequently Asked Questions

It has been proven that having more followers leads to getting more followers. What we mean by this is that, often, accounts that have a large base of followers tend to grow quicker than accounts that have very little. Therefore, by buying real Instagram followers, you can build your profile at a faster rate. This is kind of a kick start. If you were to come across two accounts that had similar content but one had 10,000 followers, and the other had 100 followers, it is likely that you would simply follow the biggest account. This is because the number of followers convinced you that it likely the better of the two accounts. We are not saying that it’s fair, however it is the sad reality of the social media world.

Our goal is to get your Instagram brand in front of as many people as we can. We’ll quickly increase the number of people in your target market who not only know your brand, but people who will become valuable customers. Most people spend more time on social media than any other activity. If you want to make the most of your brand’s action on Instagram, buying followers is the best way. People are more likely to interact with Instagram posts than advertisements. So the best marketing strategy for your business is to increase awareness through social media.

Not at all! Whatever you might have heard, buying followers is allowed (as long as you do it properly). Tech O’Clock takes your page security seriously, and we have set up an expert system that ensures your page does not get banned because of inactive Instagram followers. We always work within Instagram’s guidelines.

No, we don’t require your password. When people follow an account on Instagram, they don’t need the account’s password. So, naturally, we don’t need yours either. This works by giving you followers through page advertisements in our ad partner’s network, not going into your account. We set your page up to start receiving new followers by using your Instagram username. Once you reach your target goal, your advertisement is removed, leaving you with all of your new followers. Don’t be fooled by apps that tell you to buy Instagram followers by handing over your username and password. You can get locked out of your account or have your account terminated.

No! During the promotion, we are only finding you quality followers that are within Instagram guidelines. We also work to ensure your followers stay with your account for a long time after your purchase is made. However, since our followers are active Nigerians, it’s is recommended you at least follow some back to prevent them from unfollowing you.

You bet they are! We only give you the highest quality Instagram followers in the Nigeria digital market. Quality is one of our most important goals at Tech O’Clock. We always make sure that your followers are long-lasting, reliable, and that the packages are affordable. Our competitors might advertise that they are the best in the business, but those are broken promises that end with sub-par followers. With Tech O’Clock, you can be rest assured you’re buying the best followers we can find with fast delivery and fantastic customer service.

The short answer is within 3 – 5 hours, and usually less! The long answer is that it can take 12 hours for orders to start on some occasions. We review every order that is placed to ensure accuracy and quality. We manually process these orders and strategically spread out orders to ensure the safety and integrity of your account. Larger orders typically take a little bit longer and any purchase that have been made that have any billing discrepancies will be put through additional review to ensure the safety of our clients. You will notice that many “cheaper” services online hardly collect any information and offer you services that are very cheap. They do this in hopes that even if you don’t get the service, or are not happy with it, you won’t even bother wasting your time complaining about a small amount.

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